Trains and Metro

Overview of Trains and Trams in Adelaide.

Train lines have been somewhat neglected in Adelaide. One of the consequences of that is that there are no rail lines connecting airport to the city. Although there are plans for light rail to be built to the airport, that is still some time into the future.

The Adelaide Parklands Rail Terminal is your starting point for long-distance interstate travel. There are two major lines that operate from the station, The Ghan and Indian – Pacific. The Ghan connects Adelaide to Darwin via Alice Springs. Indian - Pacific connects Adelaide to Melbourne, Sidney and Perth and is one of the rare real transcontinental train lines in the world. Whether you are arriving to or leaving Adelaide, make sure to book your seat. These trains operate twice a week and are usually booked in advance.

You can get there by taking J1 line to the city. Get off at Currie Street stop Y2 and transfer to 167 line, which will take you to Richmond Road stop A1. From there it’s a short walk to Adelaide Parklands Rail Terminal.


If your destination in the city is better served by metro trains, you can take a bus to Adelaide Railway Station, which serves as central hub for all metro lines in the city. Take J7 to Port Road stop and transfer to 157 line to city. Get off at North Terrace stop D, right in front of the Adelaide Railway Station. There are 6 metro train lines in total, covering majority of the city.


Trams were once major transporters in Adelaide, peaking in 95 million trips annually, which represented 295 trips per head of population. Since 1950s trams went on decline and all that is left today is one line, The Glenelg Tram. This 15 km long tramway connects Hindmarsh to Glenelg suburbs via Adelaide CBD. However, the future might be bright for once famous Adelaide trams, with several new lines being planned.